Description of services

Full Body Skin Check: Standard

  • Skin cancer risk assessment
  • Full body examination by skin cancer doctor using Foto Finder Machine .
  • High magnification photography of suspect/abnormal spots with digital analysis (might not be available for all spots).

Biopsy (no stitches)

Punch or shave biopsy of skin lesion (usually just part of the skin lesion) to determine diagnosis and whether further treatment will be required.

Excision or biopsy procedure with stitches

Fees variable, depending on pathology of lesion or cancer and size/complexity of procedure. Different fees apply for:

  • Excision biopsy standard 
  • Excision biopsy large/complex
  • Excision of SCC, BCC: standard
  • Excision of SCC, BCC: large/complex
  • Excision of melanoma: standard. (All large/complex melanoma cases referred to a private plastic surgeon or melanoma clinic at Peter Mac, The Alfred, Austin)

Note that in some cases there may be an extra fee to cover the cost of consumables and/or administrative expenses.

What to Expect During the Mole Mapping Process

We ask that you do not wear any fake tan, makeup or nail polish, and wear plain-coloured underwear and bra to the mole mapping session.

Please note that excessive body hair may interfere with good quality photographs, in which case you may consider shaving prior to the mole check.

We do not require you to take your bra and underwear off. However, you may request to take photos of those regions if you feel comfortable to do so. Alternatively, you could ask the doctor to examine those areas for malignant signs without taking photos.

The mole mapping procedure will involve the practitioner taking a series of 8 photographs that cover the entire surface of your body. It may take some time, and repeated photos may need to be taken as the nurse will need to make sure that the quality and positions are accurate, so please be patient. At the end of this process, the entire surface area of your body (except genitals, buttocks and breasts, unless requested) will be photographed and stored in our database to be used for diagnosis and future reference.

For detailed monitoring of the moles and spots on your body, make an appointment for a thorough mole check and mole mapping at Lalor Skin Caner Clinic.