Skin Cancer Clinic

Lalor Family Practice provides specialised skin cancer screening for the whole family. Our skin cancer clinic offers a high quality service for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.

Dr Haider Zenel provides full skin examinations to assess any moles, spots or lesions on the skin. Using the state of the art FotoFinder imaging technology, suspicious lesions can be scanned, photographed and recorded for accurate monitoring and follow-up.

Why use Lalor Skin Cancer Clinic?

  • The doctor examining your skin is a specially trained GP, with over 15 years experience in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Our doctors are members of the following professional associations relevant to skin cancer; Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
  • Our experienced doctors are the ones making all skin checks, reviewing images of suspicious moles and spots, as well as performing biopsies and skin cancer surgery.
  • Our doctors will give you all relevant information relating to your examination and treatment, as well as send a record to your own GP. We will answer any questions relating to all relevant follow up and treatment options.
  • Our clinic will send you a reminder letter for future check ups, as well as giving you information on skin cancer prevention, self examination and skin protection.


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Further information can be found in skin cancer screening and FAQs.